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Updates from Uganda

May 2012

ABU news 5/31

Dear Ones: Yesterday was all about the ABU Senior Banquet!  Marg spent much of yesterday helping Cheri with flower arranging and decorating for the occasion at a near-by restaurant that caters big events.  In the evening, about 80 of us we were privileged to attend the banquet,...

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5/30 Updates

Dear Ones: For the last week this rare species, the Crested Cranes, have come and enjoyed the peace and tranquility on the ABU campus. Here they are known as the Uganda Crane, which is on the National Flag that was adopted in 1962 [see Flag and read more about Uganda...

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5/29 Updates

Dear Ones, This morning in chapel Jerry told the students that he would have you pray for them during exam week and that he would be sending you pictures of them.  They were more than happy to hear that someone was praying for them!  Jerry finished the 2 part series on Biblical...

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05/28 News

Dear Ones, Our day started early again with the sounds of the rooster and the goat outside our window along with the morning Muslim prayers being broadcasted over a loud speaker.  Uganda certainly has a cacophony of sounds when you include the exotic birds and the wailings of the nearby...

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05/27 News

Dear Ones, Since there is a 7 hour time difference between here and home, our worship service ended hours ago, while yours is yet to start. You will notice a picture of the cows that we encountered en route to church this morning.   We had a wonderful time praising God,...

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In Uganda

Dear Ones: We are in Uganda, "The Pearl Of Africa." We are settled in at the Robertsons' house.  Palmer is the President of ABU and on Sabbatical this year so for the first week we have the run of the place. All the necessary things are taken care of: Housing:...

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On Our Way!

Thanks to Scott Owens for graciously giving us a ride to the airport.

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Prayer Requests

Please pray for us as we travel from May 23 to June 11.  That we would both be as loving and wise in all of our travels and interactions while en- trusting both ourselves and our safety to the Lord. For our ability to quickly come alongside Tim and Cheri Hoke...

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