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Updates from Uganda

June 2012

We’re back and thankful to Jesus!

Dear Ones: We’re back and thankful to Jesus! We got back to the house about 9:00 p.m. last night thanks to James Glover who picked us up from the airport. I am scheduled to preach on Sunday and Lord willing will see you there. I will be bringing one of the messages that I...

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6/10 Homeward Bound!

Dear Ones: We attended New City Church once again this morning where Pastor Gerald Sserwuwagi was back in the pulpit and able to do two baptisms. One of an Elder and his wife’s little boy Jesse Caleb Matthew Sentamu and another young man that a teacher and his family...

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Dear Ones: Now that the conference is over I thought that I would give you the menu that I ate with the pastors at lunch in the dining hall this past week. This picture is taken from the top so that you cannot see that it is actually a soup bowl and not a plate so there is much more...

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6/8 Highlights

Dear Ones, Today was the last day of the pastor's conference, the women's counseling class, and the business class.  Certificates and ceremony are a big deal here!  The pastors and students received their certificates at three separate ceremonies. In the end, there...

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6/7 News

Dear Ones, Pastor Fletcher Matandika who along with Tim Hoke has organized the Pastor’s conference.  He is a graduate of Westminster Seminary in Escondido, California.  While he is a pastor in British Columbia, Canada, God has allowed him to do some very exciting work in his...

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6/6 updates

Dear Ones: We thought we’d let you know what our schedule has been this week now that the Pastor’s Conference and the Counseling Course have started. We usually get up between 5:30 and 6:00 am to prepare for the day.  Jerry meets with the speakers of the conference for...

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6/5 News

Dear Ones: Last night the first African Bible University Pastor’s Conference began with well over a hundred men in attendance.  They hope that by God’s grace it might become an annual meeting. There were men there from eleven countries.  There are eight from...

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6/4 Updates

Dear Ones, We thought we’d send some pictures to show you that we are not off in some hut far from civilization.  There is actually a small “mall” type collection of stores right across the street with a grocery store in it where we can get most of the things that we...

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6/3 Highlights

Dear Ones, How great it is to worship with God's people, wherever we are!  Today was no exception at New City Church in Kampala, Uganda!  Jerry preached about Levi/Matthew, the tax collector. Tim administered the sacrament of baptism to Pearl Jireh Mbabazi (See...

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6/2 ABU Graduation News

Dear Ones, Graduation Day at ABU, oh happy day!  To say that we have never experienced quite a ceremony before is an understatement!  Besides its length (over three hours), it was a real African celebration. Acting Vice Chancellor of ABU - Tim...

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