Please pray for us as we travel from May 23 to June 11. 

  • That we would both be as loving and wise in all of our travels and interactions while en- trusting both ourselves and our safety to the Lord.

  • For our ability to quickly come alongside Tim and Cheri Hoke to help relieve some burdens and encourage them in ministry.

  • That Jerry’s preaching at New City Church, African Bible University, the pastor’s conference, and other opportunities, would not only be instructive, but also edifying, as the Gospel is proclaimed and applied.

  • For Marg’s ability to quickly read and understand the particular difficulties faced by women in the context of the African culture as she will be teaching them to counsel/ disciple other women with the Gospel of grace.

  • That both Jerry and Marg would continually be giving themselves to others to counsel and encourage them in Christ, while joyfully re- ceiving what our Lord will bring us through- out our trip to make us more like Himself.

  • For the work of African Bible University, Kampala, Uganda.

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Pastor Jerry & Marg Maguire
May 21, 2012