Dear Ones,

Since there is a 7 hour time difference between here and home, our worship service ended hours ago, while yours is yet to start. You will notice a picture of the cows that we encountered en route to church this morning.


We had a wonderful time praising God, worshipping Him, and sharing the Lord's table with our Ugandan brothers and sisters.  God's Word and God's truth supersede all cultures.  While the singing certainly had an African flavor, New City Church is committed to the same doctrine and beliefs as we, making it most joyous to worship with them.  It was a privilege for Jerry to open the Word of God, and it was received well. Like us, they rent their building, but there is not any glass or screens in the windows, and the bathrooms are out back. Well, we didn't take a picture of them.

Last evening we took dinner with Gerry and Karen Knight and their children.  Gerry, an ordained PCA pastor, teaches Biblical Studies here at the University, while his wife is busy homeschooling and extending hospitality.  You would have thought that we gave them a million dollars when we took them a bag of American chocolate candies!  If we were to do it all over, we would bring a whole suitcase of nuts and chocolates!  We had a great time of fellowship with them and found that we had quite a few mutual acquaintances.

Please pray for Marg as she continues to prepare for her Biblical Counseling class that starts a week from tomorrow.  Jerry found out today that he will be not only preaching on Tuesday of this week in chapel, but Monday as well. Pray for him as he gets ready for that.  Pray for Tim Hoke as he is having to scramble to find some last minute replacement speakers for the graduation ceremony.  We are thanking God that the last of our bags arrived this morning.  It was the nails for the gym floor!

We keep hearing from folks here how glad they are that you sent us to Uganda as this week before the Pastor's Conference is the last week of study for the undergrads at African Bible University and graduation week for the 4th year students so that everyone is stressed with the end of the Semester and we are able to step in to help and serve in many ways that you have made possible.

Rejoicing in serving with you in Uganda,

Jerry & Marg

May 27, 2012; 5:03 pm EAT (Uganda time)