Dear Ones,

Our day started early again with the sounds of the rooster and the goat outside our window along with the morning Muslim prayers being broadcasted over a loud speaker.  Uganda certainly has a cacophony of sounds when you include the exotic birds and the wailings of the nearby Pentacostal church.

At 10 am Jerry was privileged to speak the first of a two part message on obedience to authority a la the 5th commandment and Romans 13, emphasizing our Lord's perfect obedience in our place.  Tim had specifically picked this topic as this is a particular problem with the culture here and can greatly affect the universities.  Take note of the students talking to Jerry outside the chapel.  These particular students are all from Malawi and recounted how it takes them four days (and nights) by bus to get here!

After having lunch with Tim and Cheri here, we got to see the ABU lawn care in action.   

To our amazement, they mow the entire campus with weed wackers!  It is taking them all day and is quite noisy (another sound to take in!).

Marg had an opportunity to speak with Marlene, the Dean of Women, about one particular woman who was dealing with some very serious issues.  She was able to suggest some things and give her some resources that might be of help.  She is quite a talented woman who is wearing many hats: wife and homeschooling mother of 4, Dean of Women, and professor of one class.  On top of all of that, women, like the one I mentioned above, come to her for counsel.  She feels woefully unprepared for that, but Marg could tell that she has quickly grasped some of the core issues involved in the problems that she is dealing with.

We want you to know that the many books and resources that we brought along for the library here at ABU and for Marlene and Tim and Cheri, are SO appreciated by them.  We are grateful for the funds given by you to make that possible.

Now it is time to finish our afternoon studying and prep work.  Thank you for your faithful prayers!

Thankful to be serving with you,

Jerry & Marg 

May 28, 2012; 4:03 pm EAT (Uganda time)