Dear Ones,

How great it is to worship with God's people, wherever we are!  Today was no exception at New City Church in Kampala, Uganda!  Jerry preached about Levi/Matthew, the tax collector.

Tim administered the sacrament of baptism to Pearl Jireh Mbabazi (See picture of parents Allen and Joyce and many family members with Pearl in the middle).

New City is a very mixed congregation of folks from the city, students, missionaries and about 30 children from the Rafiki Village Orphanage. But no matter what your status people here wear their best (especially for a Baptism) to church.  But as you can see (in the photo on top) Tim allowed me to dress down because of the heat.

Tomorrow is the start of the Counseling Course for women and the Business Course for both men and women that Marg and Jill are teaching.  There has been some confusion about class times as the Men's Conference is on a different schedule. We may have to do the classes twice tomorrow to accommodate the people who think it is in the morning and those that come in the afternoon.

We are learning flexibility as planning is certainly more low key in the African culture and all the prep work for the graduation took up so much energy last week.  We trust that God has hand picked those who He wants to be here.  Please pray for Jill, Jerry, Marg, and the other speakers for the pastor's conference as they get ready to teach and that they would have a significant impact for the gospel on the continent of Africa.

Thank you for serving with us in Uganda,
Jerry & Marg

June 3, 2012; 7:49 pm EAT (Uganda time)