Dear Ones,
We thought we’d send some pictures to show you that we are not off in some hut far from civilization.  There is actually a small “mall” type collection of stores right across the street with a grocery store in it where we can get most of the things that we need.

While some things are similar, there are still some major differences.  There are armed guards not only outside the bank but also stationed at the entrance of many of the stores.  While there are some American brands that we recognize in the store, many of the products are sub-par or very different from what we find in the US.  In the same “mall” is Café Roma, a little Italian restaurant that is a favorite of many of the American missionaries here and us also.

Today was a very full day for Marg.  Some of the advertisements for her class stated that it would start at 8:30 am, but the class didn’t really start until 2 pm.  Unfortunately, some of the women came at 8:30.  So she talked with a couple of them for several hours.  The actual class went very well and she is so grateful for your faithful prayers.  The women seemed to open up and relax very quickly.  One exercise that they did was to work in groups and come up with some common counseling scenarios for African women.  It was so sad to see some heartbreaking themes among the groups of wife beating, polygamy, abuse if a male child is not produced, etc.  Please continue to pray for her as she seeks to bring the truths of God’s Word to a totally foreign culture.

Here the electric is 220 volts, so we thought you’d find it amusing for you to see the power strip that is on a transformer stepping it down to 110 volts which is “powering” all the electronics for those of us who are staying at the Robertson’s house.  But the real power to do what we’ve been called to do here is the Holy Spirit using the Word of God.  We are so thankful that God is enabling us to do His work by His Almighty power.We are glad that you are serving with us in Uganda.

Jerry & Marg

June 4, 2012: 9:59 p.m. EAT (Uganda time)