Dear Ones,

Pastor Fletcher Matandika who along with Tim Hoke has organized the Pastor’s conference.  He is a graduate of Westminster Seminary in Escondido, California.  While he is a pastor in British Columbia, Canada, God has allowed him to do some very exciting work in his home country of Malawi, then Uganda and now the Philippines.  His desire is that instead of getting handouts from the West that they would be self-sufficient in their ministries and that as leaders are trained they would be sending missionaries around the world.

Jerry preached both this morning and this evening and the men continue to respond that they have been encouraged and strengthened to persevere in ministry.  And by God's grace will be preaching a Biblical gospel instead of falling prey to the "health and wealth" message or a pentecostalism that is out of control.  Their own repeated statements about the Christianity in Africa is that it is “an ocean wide but only an inch deep.”

Marg's class continues to amaze her.  They are born actors and love to do role-plays and compete in review games for counseling books as prizes.  They are excited about the things they are learning!  Marg is hearing lots of testimonies of the way the women are applying the scriptures to their own difficulties. Today many stayed after class to ask for help with situations they are facing or for people they know.

This is the rainy season but we have only had brief storms to this point so folks here have been praying for rain.  Thankfully we were inside today when this big storm broke loose.

Please pray for Tim and Cheri Hoke as they both have colds and sinus problems that have laid them low as they are scheduled to finish up, pack and leave for the US the night before we do.

Thanks for serving with us in Uganda,
Jerry & Marg

June 7, 2012; 11:09 p.m.