Dear Ones,

Today was the last day of the pastor's conference, the women's counseling class, and the business class.  Certificates and ceremony are a big deal here!  The pastors and students received their certificates at three separate ceremonies.

In the end, there were 150 men who attended the pastor’s conference from eight African countries. The men had a time of testimonies from the pastors and some were quite moving.  The theme of one of Jerry's sermons was pastoral discouragement. One of the men, James, (picture below) told him that, “Before I came to the conference, I was like a dying man gasping for breath.

Your messages on the Apostle Paul from 2 Corinthians have been like giving me oxygen; hope for my ministry.”  Several other comments in the same vein from other men were of great encouragement to Jerry today.

Marg's class was truly fun today.  After a short final lesson on giving homework in counseling, and then a short quiz, they worked on group presentations to showcase something they had learned.  One group chose to have a student be Marg while the others were students. They "nailed" some of her teaching idiosyncrasies to the delight of all!  After that came cards and gifts: a beautiful and colorful wall hanging of African women, a lovely African basket, a necklace, an African Christmas ornament, and a woven case for eyeglasses.  The messages on the cards were very moving.  They REALLY appreciated our coming to help teach them.  It was a wonderful and most rewarding time here.

Some of the men gathered to display their certificates... 

The next two days will be spent visiting with the other missionaries here and encouraging them.  Some of the ones with large families seldom go back to the US, so they cherish time with those visiting from "home".  If we had realized their needs, we would have loaded up our suitcases with chocolate chips, nuts, chocolate candies, and gifts for them, as they are so weary.

Please continue pray for Tim, as he has been sick almost the whole week.  They are scheduled to fly to TX on Sunday night.  We hope he is much improved by that time.

Thankful to be serving with you in Uganda,

Jerry & Marg

June 8, 2012; 10:59 p.m. EAT (Uganda time)