Dear Ones:

Now that the conference is over I thought that I would give you the menu that I ate with the pastors at lunch in the dining hall this past week.

This picture is taken from the top so that you cannot see that it is actually a soup bowl and not a plate so there is much more than you can see. Usually some sauce is ladled on unless you have beans which have their own sauce. It is served with a fork and no napkin. I enjoyed all the food but the Matoke, which in the picture is yellow. Many of the men were very skinny and devoured it all while I was never able to finish the portion that I got which was the same as theirs.

Tuesday: Beans, Cabbage, Chapatti – Flat Bread, Rice, Sauce.

Wednesday: Cabbage, Chicken, Potato, Rice, Sauce

Thursday: Beans, Posho – made from ground Maize,similar to a thick cream of wheat, Pineapple, Sauce, Sweet Potato

Friday: Beans, Matoke – consists of steamed green banana (or plantain) and is a national dish of Uganda, Rice, Pineapple, Sausage.

We were supposed to stay in what is called a “Heavenly Hut” which is used for Short Term Missionaries.  But can you “upgrade”?  We were given the use of the Vice Chancellor’s home for our stay, so that we had our laundry and our evening meals cooked.  That proved invaluable the first week as we helped Tim and Cheri get ready for graduation as well as finish preparations for our messages.   And that allowed Marg and me to host the speakers for dinner during the conference.


But before you get too jealous, we still had to haul our drinking water in “JerryCans”, deal with regular power outages, and quite a few critters.  While the house has been used some while the Robertsons have been away, I quickly made a list of about ten repairs that were in need of fixing and was able to get the right people on campus to find the right parts or material and get them fixed, with the last project checked off today.

We look forward to coming home.

Thankful for your serving with us in Uganda,

Jerry & Marg

June 9, 2012; 10:23 pm EAT (Uganda time)