Dear Redeemer:

After 35 hours of travel from beginning to end I arrived at my abode at African Bible University at what they call the “Heavenly Hut.”

It is broken up into four units each with electricity, a bed, desk, toilet, sink and shower and a great view from my window.

This morning I went to a class with Tim and then to chapel.  Then in the afternoon I did the basics of getting set up with internet and phone, exchanging money etc.

Tomorrow I will work on finishing the sermon that I will preach on Sunday and then Lord willing finalize messages for preaching this coming week at Chapel.

I particularly enjoyed my time meeting students, faculty I already knew and some new folks.

Tim and Cheri have been great hosts providing meals, warm Christian fellowship and making sure I have what I need.

I am thankful for the Lord providing this time away, that I will be of service to Him and His church and that I will also learn what He want to teach me through His people here. 

By God's grace,

Pastor Jerry