Dear Redeemer:

It is the rainy season in Uganda, with showers mostly at night, where everything seems to be in bloom and dropping their seeds.

ABU grows most of their crops which enables the students to have work and to keep the tuition low.

To my surprise I met John here at lunch.  He is from China and has been in Uganda for 5 years and is a 3rd year student.  The first two years he worked at his Church in Kampala and learned English.

He already has one degree from home but want to better learn the Bible.  His senior Pastor is from Korea and their Church of 250 adults and 300 children is made up of Ugandans!  He regularly takes teams out to evangelize on the streets, so I asked him going out by 2’s was to encourage each other.  He said yes, but more because one man cannot preach for 8 hours.  Tim said that John is one of his best Greek students.

I am thankful and humbled to be here!

You may not hear from me for a couple of days as Lord willing,  I will be going “up country” this weekend to lead a counseling seminar and preach twice on Sunday.

Please pray that the power of the Holy Spirit would accompany his word that God would be glorified and His people become more like our Savior Jesus

By God's grace,

Pastor Jerry