Dear Redeemer:

Sorry to have been out of touch for awhile but I was away ALL weekend and up and out at 6:00 a.m. on Monday to make some visits in Kampala on Monday, being a part of a leadership class in the afternoon and beginning with the ABU alumni meeting in the evening and then going full bore since then.

On Friday we got stuck for two hours in rain and Kampala traffic on the way to Lira.

Some of the road were absolutely great!

But about 75 Kilometers were pretty rough.

The scenery was beautiful with many people living in the rural areas, much as they have been for a long time.

Yet Lira is a town of about a million people.  The  place people are building their church formally had twelve huts, (very small smaller than the ones seen here) with five prostitutes in each, with babies being born to some of the women every month.  But now the land is being used to God’s glory and the proclamation of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ by two ABU graduates, one from the first and one from the second class.

I taught a pastor’s conference on Biblical Counseling Seminar there on Saturday and preached twice on Sunday morning with about half of the people knowing English, while I was also being translated into Swahili.

Their two pastors, Johnson and Christopher are two special men who not only Pastor but also must do other work to support themselves.

The time in Lira and at ABU has been a very good, encouraging, and uplifting!  I have enjoyed the ministry very much but now find myself tired.

I greatly value your prayers and look forward to being back with you soon!

Only by God's grace,