Flash: ON   July 23, 2019 
Redeemer Youth Ministry
At Redeemer Presbyterian church, we are committed to fostering faith in our families. The primary avenue for this is, of course, families themselves: parents and their children together encountering God’s Word and prayerfully applying Gospel principles in their lives. For this reason much of our ministry is focused on preparing parents to minister to their own children effectively.

However, Christ did not intend his followers to live out their faith in a vacuum. The Biblical model for spiritual growth is not that of individuals or even families struggling to make it on their own, but rather that of believers fellowshipping together, encouraging one another, and bearing one another’s burdens. The church is one of God’s greatest gifts to Christians.

That’s why Redeemer Presbyterian Church desires to provide a dynamic youth ministry for our families. We strive not to replace parental spiritual guidance, but to offer our teens in Jr. and Sr. High another avenue for expressing and growing in the faith, fellowship, and service that characterizes our weekly Sabbath Worship.

Our youth events, which occur weekly during the school year and bi-weekly during the summer, are led by our parents and volunteers and overseen by the Assistant Pastor and the Elders. From small group Bible studies to day-trip hikes, from times to hang out and times to love and serve our communities, there is a place for your teen to connect with other believers and grow together.

Some of our regular, past, and future youth group happenings include:
-Bi-weekly small group Bible studies
-Bi-weekly fellowship meetings
-Our annual Fall weekend retreat in the woods of Maine
-Casual get-togethers
-Community service opportunities

If you have any questions about Youth Ministry at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, please contact our Associate Pastor, Matthew Kerr at matthew.kerr@redeemerma.org or at the church office phone (978-254-7353).
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